Friday, 18 February 2011

Life reflecting fiction

It's happening again.

After my previous storylines in Apsaras II involving Somalian piracy, islamic nuclear weapons and Haiti were soon reflected in real live stories, I now hear that for the first time in forty years Iranian warships are to pass through the Suez Canal. Where else can you find this story. Why? In Apsaras II of course. Where else?

Come on. Wake up publishers. There's an author out there with an eye on the future. Contact me, Kevill Davies and ask for a copy of Apsaras II and hear about the progress on Apsaras III.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Spooks- copycat plot.

I couldn't believe my eyes when watching Spooks on BBC television this evening. One of the plots involved an Al Qaeda ship embarking from Tunisia. Following a pirate attack, two explosive laden submersibles head for London with the intention of passing through the Thames barrier and detonating outside the houses of Parliament.
In my novel, Apsaras II, two Iranian semi-submersible boats leave Tunisia, loaded with nuclear bombs. One heads for New York and the other for central London, along the Thames. They are scheduled to co-ordinate their attacks to coincide to with the end of Ramadan.

It is so irritating, when you have an idea but because you are a no one, it never receives any recognition whilst others, already successful, capitalize on the story. I'm not saying they're the same but so close as to be recognizable even though my story was written (and submitted to agents and publishers) two years ago.

I watch with baited breath to see if Spooks features a story about Haiti in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


I have never been happy with the layout of this book.There are two elements to the story which lie with difficulty in various sections of the book and I have therefore decided to split the book into two parts. The first dealing with Hafiz, his evil intent and the piracy and the second the remainder,and greater part of the story to do with Jack and the Voodoo priestess, Bella. In a sense I'm getting the Hafiz part out of the way before embarking on the second; a case of the evil, followed by the ugly before reaching the good as later in the story, the two parts come together again, bringing a more satisfying and rounded conclusion to the whole.

At the moment I am not promoting this book. I shall wait until I have finished Apsaras iii and then try and sell all three books, even if that means amending the original.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New Revelations

Nuclear terror risk to Britain from al-Qaeda
Britain faces an increased threat of a nuclear attack by al-Qaeda terrorists following a rise in the trafficking of radiological material, a government report has warned.

By Duncan Gardham, Security Correspondent Daily Telegraph
Published: 10:20PM GMT 22 Mar 2010
London's Tower Bridge. Nuclear terror risk to Britain from Al-Qaeda
It is feared that terrorists could bring a nuclear bomb up the Thames on a small boat.

Bomb makers who have been active in Afghanistan may already have the ability to produce a "dirty bomb" using knowledge acquired over the internet.

It is feared that terrorists could transport an improvised nuclear device up the Thames and detonate it in the heart of London. Bristol, Liverpool Newcastle, Glasgow and Belfast are also thought to be vulnerable.

Lord West, the Security Minister, also raised the possibility of terrorists using small craft to enter ports and launch an attack similar to that in Mumbai in 2008, when more than 150 people were killed.

The Government is so concerned about the threat that it is setting up a command centre to track suspicious boats.

Here again we have life following the plot I wrote in 2008 for Apsaras II. Is there no one listening?

The two Iranian boats, the 'Khomeini' and the 'Saladin' are sent to devastate New York and London, codenamed Sodom and Gomorrah, armed with nuclear devices.

When will my work be recognised for being ahead of its time with plots that are believable as well as exciting?

When will agents realise that 'Chick-Lit' has had a good run and people are fed up with stories about orphans, disabilities and mental cases?

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Revelations 2. True life mimics my book. Haiti

Since I last posted about the way true life is reflecting my novel with stories of Iranian ghost ships and Somalian piracy, we now have the tragedy of Haiti.
In my novel, the problems of Haiti are highlighted, including the poor earthquake resistance of the buildings, due to the lack of building controls. Yet again I seem to have my finger on the pulse, but still cannot attract attention to my works.
So far my story has failed to excite agents and publishers alike. What do they want? When the story was written in 2008 these ideas were new. Now life is replicating my story and I wonder how many of my ideas will come to light. What more do I have to do to?

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Life mirrors my novel

Since my book, Apsaras II - The 6th Ring, was written in 2008, the media has been full of news about Somalian Piracy on the the east coast of Africa and now, ghost ships reputedly carrying arms for Iran.

Both of these stories feature in my novel, the second in a series of Jack Benson stories.

Come on publishers! Sign up an author with his finger on the pulse.
Apsaras II, besides the above stories, also features stories about voodoo, people smuggling in Florida and the discovery of ancient texts that may point to the correct interpretation of results from the new Large Hadron Collider.

Never mind Dan Brown, CONTACT Kevill Davies at

Monday, 31 August 2009

Selected passages from Apsaras II

As their eyes acclimatised to the light they could make out figures huddled down but seemingly standing on the ocean. There was no doubt there was no land where they were, it was a couple of hundred yards from the sand, but it was not clear what they were standing on; it wasn’t a boat, or any boat they knew of. The scene became ever more bizarre as more figures came into sight, emerging from the water, and began inflating what looked like rubber dinghies. As each dinghy was inflated it was cast into the sea and five men silently boarded each of them, to be quietly taken ashore. What’s more the men were carrying what looked like rifles or weapons of some sort. As they gained the beach, the dinghies were pulled up to higher ground, towards the first line of trees of the encroaching jungle.

Jack didn’t like it. The threat of pirates was always on his mind and although he didn’t know that these people were a danger to him or his boat, the ‘Phairat,’ he nevertheless felt nervous, seeing them going about their business so surreptitiously.

As they approached the stall next to where the monks stood a Burmese army soldier was clearly pointing to the tablets and asking something. He went away, shaking his head and smiling at his colleagues. As Jack reached the stall, he quietly asked Mr. Zheng what the soldier was saying.
“He just asked what they were?” said Mr. Zheng.
“What did you say,” enquired Jack.
“I told him they were wall tiles, much admired by the West. He thought you, that is to say Westerners, were mad.”
“May I examine them?” asked Jack, not really knowing what to look for other than physical damage such as cracks.
“Please,” said Mr. Zheng, “go ahead.”

They were heavy, about a foot square and an inch thick, covered with a tightly packed script; so tight in fact that Jack wondered how anyone could read what was on them. Jack was fairly certain it was cunieform writing, a style made with an obliquely cut cane. The ‘pen’ would make various marks in the wet clay and when it was full, the tablet would be either air dried or put in an oven or kiln or just left to bake in some hot ashes. Cunieform was a script of the Sumerians. Mr. Zheng was right about that, but were they genuine? Jack had a good feeling about them. Apart from a small chip on one edge and scuffing on the faces, obscuring much of the text, they appeared to be intact and he was confident that the researchers at the British Museum would be able to reveal the legend.

“As you know, God gave mankind free will,” replied the Rabbi, without conviction. “It is natural that some differences in opinion arise. I regret that some Islamicists say that Abraham complied with God’s order to sacrifice his son by taking Ishmael and not Isaac as clearly stated in the Bible, but I believe that essentially, Muslims are peaceful people.”

“The way I see it,” said Jack, pressing his case, “is that you both believe in the God of Abraham whether you call him Yahweh or Allah. Why not cut out the middle man; get rid of Jesus, The Messiah to come and Muhammad and just worship the main man and live in peace and harmony.”

“I think you are mocking me,” replied the Rabbi. “I wish you peace and good luck. Shalom,” and in saying this, nodded an acknowledgement to Bella and walked off to join the others.

The drumming tempo increased and the chanting was taken up by everyone present as they asked Aida-Wedo to join them; the noise almost deafening. Bella and her mother began to dance, writhing and twisting to the chant and the beat of the drums, the atmosphere intoxicating. They circled the center pole and ‘veve’ or emblem of Aida-Wedo, which had been traced out on the ground in sand.

Jack couldn’t take his eyes from her, her movements so graceful yet sharp, building to a rhythmic frenzy as the insistent urgings of the Mambo and other chanters reached a climax for suddenly Bella, ‘mounted’ by the spirit, loosened the cord holding her shift allowing it to drop to the ground. To Jack this was something of a shock but he couldn’t help but marvel at her perfect beauty.

“If I asked you to imagine something in five, six or more dimensions, I expect you would find it pretty difficult,” he said looking round at his nodding colleagues. “Now, if I told you to imagine something with dimensions composed of negative or complex numbers, as we discussed yesterday, I’d say it was pretty much impossible. What if this is how the second world exists? It presents us with some tantalizing possibilities.”

“Get the weapons,” Jack shouted to the girls as he passed his own to one of the divers. They had come under fire before their own weapons were handed round, some bullets hitting the ‘Phairat,’ but they were soon returning as much as they got. As the reached the outer harbor the ‘YF Princess’ blew up with a spectacular explosion that took off the roof of the warehouse as well as blowing out all the sides. The effect of the explosion was to dull the appetite for chase in their pursuers who turned round and headed back towards the dock. Now that they were out of the harbor, Jack pointed ‘Phairat’ at the US destroyer and fired the Fleming 65’s engines to full power.

Satisfied that the immediate danger had past and hearing the sound of sirens in the distance, as the emergency services attended the site of the explosion, the divers were, at last, able to thank their rescuers. If the navy divers didn’t know beforehand, they soon discovered that their rescuers were two beautiful Thai girls, as they emerged from their rubber wet suits.

The two ships, the ‘Khomeini’ and ‘Saladin’ had been built, again in complete secrecy, and were ready to launch from their large, covered shipyard. As the summer heat reached its peak, only the bombs were left to be fitted. It had been suspected, in the West, that Iran was making its own weapons using, uranium enriched in its own nuclear reactors but whilst the world was watching this, shipments of plutonium and tritium were being secretly made from the Russia port of Makhachkala on the Caspian Sea to a port in northern Iran, a distance of just over five hundred miles, in a deal involving the movement of oil in the other direction.

“My guess,” said the head of MI5 is the end of Ramadan; they won’t do it in this Holy Month but it finishes on the nineteenth. My guess is that we have until the twentieth; four days.

In Washington, the President called an emergency meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Commandant of the US Coastguard, subsumed from the Department of Homeland Security. The head of the CIA was also present to update the meeting on what was known of the ships. As a result of the meeting the President issued a DEFCON 1 alert, the highest alert status, higher than the DEFCON 2 when the Cuban missile crisis was faced.

Apsaras II Synopsis

Apsaras II -The 6th Ring


The second story in a trilogy featuring Jack Benson


Jack Benson, a wealthy retired Banker and his American doctor friend, Peaches Langer are sailing in his luxury motor yacht in the Komodo National Park, Indonesia. They have been joined by the Apsarases, the two twin Thai sisters Jack had saved from a life of prostitution and who later had not only befriended him but had become his lovers and self styled ‘brides’.

One night, during their trip, they witnessed a curious event when a strange craft disembarked some shadowy figures onto a remote island. They later hear gunfire and the following day discover that every member of a small island community except a small baby has been brutally massacred.

The strange craft, a prototype built by a Middle Eastern country, is linked to a kidnapping thousands of miles away in Hawaii prompting Jack and the Apsarases to investigate.

Jack’s belief that there could be no compassionate and loving God brought him to the attention of both the religious community and the media and led to him receiving invitations to air his thoughts on television talk shows. Whilst on a show for CNN, Jack meets Bella, the widow of a murdered US diplomat who served in her own country of Haiti. The meeting quickly becomes romantic as the two are immediately attracted, a liaison that is encouraged when Bella appeals to the ‘spirits’ of her voodoo faith.

A old Chinese man calls at the British Embassy in Bangkok, with an offer for Jack. Two clay tablets in strange script have been uncovered in a Burmese temple and the monks want to sell them. What secrets do they hold? Jack is tempted and buys them, sending details of the text to the British Museum for interpretation.

The findings lead him and his elder son Tim to believe that the wording of the Bible as first written down, were not faithful to the true message, leading to a misunderstanding of the relevance of man’s spiritual side.

His conclusions, which reinforce his own convictions, shock the religious communities around the world, particularly those with a strong Abrahamic tradition.

As controversy rages around him, Jack finds himself embroiled in another sensitive matter as he discovers fraud and murder in Bella’s own island of Haiti, a discovery that takes him to Florida where he uncovers a ring active in the importation of pornographic material and Haitian girls for the sex trade.

In a story of good versus evil, Jack is facing problems in both his public and private lives as he tries to reconcile the needs of others and be true to his own feelings.

In a dramatic story the reader is finally left to ponder the true importance of the spirit world.

Kevill Davies

Copyright© Kevill Davies 2008